Zone controlled HVAC will really change your life

If you get zoned controlled HVAC it will seriously change your life.

  • I know that when I first got zone controlled HVAC I was really excited about how nice it was.

For all of my life I have had central heating and cooling, and I just thought that was the best of HVAC. I married a man that happens to be an HVAC technician and he just put the most amazing HVAC system in my house. When my husband first moved in with me he told me how outdated my HVAC system was and told me he would save up for a better HVAC system for us. I can’t believe how amazing it felt to get rid of an old and loud AC unit for one that was much quieter and more efficient. The AC system that we have now costs us so much less than the old AC system, I think we will end up making money back from our HVAC investment. It was fun to watch my husband installed the AC unit because I never get to see him while at work with his HVAC company. It’s crazy to me how there can be so many different HVAC parts, I really can’t keep up. When my husband tries to talk to me about ductless mini split systems I just pretend to understand. Apparently if you want zoned heating and cooling you should really check out a ductless mini split system. My husband says that you can save a lot of money because you only have AC in the rooms where you want it.

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