Zone control

When our minute daughter was born it was the middle of Winter & I guess this affected her with some lifelong habits. Maybe it was the fact that she had to be bundled up in layers of blankets when she first came beach house but she has regularly slept more comfortably under a pile of them. It could be the middle of Summer & I would go into her room & find her bundled up in a cocoon no matter how hot it was, then now that she is an adult & married, our son-in-law is regularly joking with her about her sleeping habits. He also sometimes complains about how high their energy bills are because she keeps the air conditioner unit turned down so much. She says that she loves to have the dining room frosty cold so that she can still put on a pile of blankets & recognize the weight of them while she is sleeping. The two of us recommended ¬†installing a separate HVAC unit in their dining room so that they didn’t have to keep the entire condo that cold just to make her comfortable. This would not only help with the energy bills however it would give our son-in-law the choice of sleeping in a separate room if he was too cold. The two of us even recommended that they could have a mini cut HVAC unit installed on the wall & it wouldn’t even take up added space. At this point I guess he is going to look into just about everything because he wants to make our daughter thrilled however also save money at the same time.