Zone control

I live with roommates, and I honestly get tired of it. It seems like we always have to be polite and cater to each other’s needs and wants. While I am a considerate person, sometimes I just want to be alone and do what I am comfortable with. Recently, we had an upgrade in our heating and cooling plan. The landlord remodeled are home, so now we have zone controlled temperature. Shared spaces, such as the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms, are one zone. However, we also have private zones in each bedroom. That means I can crank the air conditioning whenever I want without having to worry about one of my roommates getting too cold. In the winter, I will be able to make my room as warm as I want it without bothering anyone, as well. This has truly enhanced my living experience already, and I am so glad that my landlord decided to do this. Apparently, it was an easy upgrade. There was an easy way to split the pre existing ductwork. We were experiencing issues with our ducts because there was a leak in one of the ducts. When the heating and cooling serviceman came to patch up the leak in the duct, he suggested integrating a split duct system. My landlord keeps his properties pretty nice, so he took the opportunity to make an inexpensive, but highly beneficial upgrade. Not only has this improved the comfort of our living situation, but it has also benefited our landlord. Since we have been able to zone control our own areas, we are actually using less heating and cooling in the long run. We set our shared spaces on lower settings since our rooms are now set to our liking. It’s truly been a win-win scenario for everyone.

HVAC zone control