You need a working air conditioner

The other weekend, I went over to my brother’s house. I saw there was a lot of people over, and most of these folks were seeing a movie on my friend’s big screen TV. He poured me a drink as I hung out with him for a little while, catching up on the week’s events. After some time had passed, I started to notice that it was getting overheated in his house. I asked if he could adjust the temperature down in the house, but my friend said that unfortunately, his Heating and Air Conditioning system was experiencing troubles. He explained how he already had struggled when he called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company, as the technicians couldn’t get to his place until the following week! That was really unfortunate for him, but he said that people were still having a great time despite the lack of air conditioning. I told him he should try opening some windows around the house, as that might let a breeze roll through the house. Though the air quality wasn’t that great, I was sure a little ventilation would help out a bit. We went around the first floor, opening up windows where we could, and in time the home was able to cool down. Some of the people who were seeing the movie thanked us for opening up the windows since it was getting steamy and uncomfortable inside the house. My friend asked if I wanted to stick around and watch another movie, but the air quality had me not wanting to stick around for longer than I already had planned on being there. I declined – politely, of course, and left to go home. I wasn’t mean about it, or at least I tried not to be. Still, I can’t stand being without working a/c for long periods of time. Like most people, I want to be comfortable when I watch a movie!