You can destroy a cooling system by shutting ceiling registers long term

There are definitely a plethora of things that you have to slowly learn on your own through discouraging trial and error.

  • My parents never taught myself and others how to flirt or ask someone out, so I clumsily stumbled along with failed attempts at relationships until I met my spouse.

Thankfully, we just clicked immediately and she found my awkward disposition cute and endearing. I wish I could get so lucky with the home the several of us just purchased. I knew nothing about insulation, or p-traps in plumbing systems, or what 120 volts meant in relation to a home and its electricity. These basic concepts were all things I had to learn on my own in constant trial and error. Occasionally it seemed care about I failed twice as much as I succeeded, no matter what area of my life I applied that plan to. With that in mind, I was a total newbie with residential Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. I knew enough to swap out my cooling system filter, but that was it. Plus, if you asked myself and others what kind of filters I was buying aside from the size, I would be clueless. Therefore, it’s easy for myself and others to make mistakes. First it was forgetting to update my filters on time, the other issue was not calling to make maintenance appointments as often as needed. This last time involved the ceiling registers in my house. There are several rooms in my home that mostly go unused and I didn’t want to pay for air conditioning spaces that are uninhabited, so I closed the ceiling air registers in the empty rooms. I didn’t realize that this would increase the air pressure as it moves in and out of my cooling system, and over long periods of time it can lead to premature breakdowns. Thankfully our worker discovered the problem and explained it to myself and others in detail before leaving a single afternoon.