Wow that was expensive

I have a great job in an office downtown.  I care about the people I job with,obtain a good salary, and I like my hours.  The main issue I have is with the job is the heating and air system in the building.  The building is severely old and the heating and cooling plan is terribly outdated. In the Winter, the climate is horrible. Temperatures often drop well below zero with intense wind chill.  I am obligated to park many blocks from the building and walk through the freezing snow. I am distraught to get inside and acquire warmth. Unfortunately, the building is most often quite cold, with freezing spots and drafts.  The old windows spill air and the majority of the heat rises to the roof. Frequently, I leave my jacket on throughout the afternoon, despite this I constantly shudder. The summertime months are no better, because the afternoon sun fills the many windows.  Although the a/c blasts non stop, the building is hot and moist. I constantly sweat, and have numerous headaches. I am persuaded that the a/c is impacted with mold. The air from the vents smells nasty and spreads a fantastic deal of dust around. There is a lot of call- outs at my job and I accuse the heating and cooling plan.  I don’t comprehend why newer systems have not been installed to improve conditions. It would absolutely improve the comfort and moral of the facility, and would lead to greater productivity outputs. I’m sure this is costing a fortune because of energy squander. A refreshed framework would significantly trim expenses.

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