Would you rather have a smaller place with better A/C, or a bigger place with poor air quality?

Sometimes, picking a new place to live is always a catch-22.

Option A has a nice surrounding neighborhood and reliable heating and air conditioning equipment, while option B provides a spacious basement and a recently redone roof for the house.

However, option A also has extensive water damage from a recent storm, and option B currently is being fumigated. See what I mean? No matter what I choose, I lose! That’s what happened to me last time I had to move, and it looks like that’s happening this time, too. I have two possible homes I can move into. One is a 2-bedroom house with a total of 900 square feet in space. It’s small, but it also has an excellent heating and air conditioning system that was installed just last year! Meanwhile, the other option is a much more spacious four-bedroom house that’s a bit further outside of town. The heating and air conditioning systems have been in place for over twenty years, so I’m almost guaranteed to replace the entire system within five years of owning that house. Still, there’s a ton of space to work with at that house, and I love the prospect of my closest neighbor being over a quarter mile away from me. I think I’ll just go with the big country house. It’s a lot harder to add more space to a house than it is to replace an existing appliance in the house, and I think I’ll be much happier in the countryside surrounded by fresh air.

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