Would way rather smoke than booze

For a long time my friends and I would get together and drink some booze.

That was the social thing we all did.

Both of us would either go to a bar and spend tons of cash on cheap liquor or all of us would just drink at someone’s home. I don’t like being hammered and drinking alcohol. Unless you drink straight shots, you are getting a lot of empty calories and sugar. I also hated that when I drank, I would tend to fall over and hurt myself. The hangover the next morning was not worth the fun feeling I would get while I was boozing. For years I was against drinking with our friends. Then, legal cannabis came to our area. The group of us all decided to get together and smoke legal cannabis for the first time. Getting high vs drinking is not even close. I like smoking cannabis way more. It feels so much more calm and natural for our body. I am not getting empty calories, bloating our stomach and feeling ill the next morning. When I smoke or vape, it is a fresh product filling our lungs. Being high is so much nicer than being intoxicated too. I feel so calm, creative and passionate instead of wild, messy and out of control. The next morning I feel totally fantastic after smoking rather than hurling my guts out. My friends and I all now just get together and try marijuana instead. We get a top quality product with a fresh aroma and a good high.


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