Working with them

My neighbor was having a routine HVAC service call, when I heard the worker screaming in the backyard.

My neighbor was indoors, but my wife and I were sitting out by the pool. We heard the HVAC workers start screaming loudly, and I ran into the neighbor’s yard to check on things. The HVAC worker was running around screaming and flailing his hands. It didn’t take long, before I realized he was being attacked by a colony of bees. I grabbed the water hose quickly and started spraying the HVAC worker. He was soaking wet in seconds, but he started to calm down. He had bee stings all over his arms, my face, and neck. As I was walking toward the HVAC worker, my neighbor came outside. She looked completely horrified. There was a large hornets nest on the back of the outdoor unit, and the HVAC worker didn’t see it until it was too late. He had 13 stings all over his body, and he was swollen all over his body. He had to leave and drive to the emergency center. The HVAC company sent another worker to finish the job. I’m surprised they didn’t make my neighbor call an exterminator first. I hope the first technician is okay, and I really hope they aren’t allergic to bees. I haven’t seen that many bee stings since summer camp. My best friend and I were walking through the woods, and we stepped over a log that had a bee nest. We ran all the way back to camp, but not before being stung 20 times.

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