Working with cigars

One of my favorite and yet least favorite jobs was working in a cigar factory.  I loved working with these people and the job was actually a lot of fun. Some of the difficulties that came with the job, was the tobacco.  I hated the odor of some of those tobaccos. They had good ventilation, but you had to handle the tobacco to put it on the machines. The odor got into your skin and through your clothing.  Even after showering and washing your clothing, you could still smell the tobacco. I wanted to get an air purifier for our home, hoping to get rid of the odor. My HVAC company told me that the odor was not in the house, but he said he would install an air purifier if I wanted it.  He did tell me that there were some really good portable air purifiers on the market. He offered to get me some information about the portable air purifiers and I accepted his offer. A couple days later, he arrived at my home shortly after I got home from work. I had to laugh when he told me that I smelled like his grandfather.  His grandfather smoked stogies all of the time. He said I must have been working with them all day and I had to admit that I had been on that machine. I told him they had great ventilation at work, but the smell was everywhere. I took the information he had for me and thanked him. I had to get into the shower before the smell made me sick.

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