Working out more and staying healthy

I’ve found that as I get older, staying in good shape is far more difficult.

  • I used to be able to eat anything I wished to plus never gain any weight.

I’d workout for somewhere between twenty plus thirty minutes a day; Over the years, I’ve gradually increased the span of my workouts to an hour. I am actually conscientious about never skipping my week to week fitness regiment. Where I once spent the total workout on a single thing, I now incorporate all different types of skills. I no longer ignore the importance of a dedicated warm up and cool down periods. I take the time to warm up all parts of the body, including my neck, ankles and wrists. I spend way more time on flexibility plus force myself to not only do straddles but hold the position for more than a few minutes. I practice balance through holds. I also lift weights, complete lots of lunges plus spend at least 30 min on cardio. I’ve learned that my body would truly like to store fat right in my tummy. I target this area with a series of truly horrible abdominal exercises. Along with an intense weekly workout, I need to be actually mindful about what I eat. I can no longer eat as much plus need to stick with actually low fat, very healthy foods. I’ve given up all fast food and anything that has sugar. I try to avoid carbs plus have added a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Nutritional Programs