Working on the thermostat

I used to work in an office capacity for a home improvement center.  I worked in the corporate office as a merchandising manager. It seemed like there was always some kind of complaint about our air conditioning unit.  I was not only hearing the other coworkers complain, but I had a lot of complaint. I worked for a major company that specialized in heating and air conditioning equipment.  We did the installation of all forms of HVAC. They, however, could not get the HVAC to work properly in their own corporate headquarters. In spite of the face that no one was pleased, they just said that they had state of the art equipment, and it was functioning the way it was built to function.  We all had sweaters at our desk, because the AC never shut off when it reached its programmed temperature. It seemed that it would climb at least ten degrees cooler, and then it had a few minutes of warmish air, before it shut off. It then stayed off until it was at least ten to fifteen degrees warmer than what was on the thermostat.  This seemed like too much of a fluctuation, but I wasn’t the boss. I quit there about a year ago, and I am happily settled in, but I talked to a friend from the other office. She told me that shortly after I left, the company had a new HVAC system installed, and the AC is working as it is supposed to work. The fluctuations are gone and so are all of the complaints from our coworkers.