Working on the house

My hubby Steve wants to make some changes to our garage.  Steve wants to clear and clean the entire space including redoing the floors to add radiant flooring.  Besides adding the new heating system he wants an air conditioner unit setup in the garage as well. Steve says the revamping and additions to the garage would be for our cars.  Then in the winter season, with the new radiant floors, we will have heated cars. This will eliminate the need for remote starts to turn on our heaters in the cars. No more cold steering wheels, cold hands and having trouble starting the car. In the summer, if we had the ductless A/C installed, both of us will have cool cars. We won’t have scalding sizzling leather and stuffy air quality in the car. I  have a suspicion the real reason that Steve wants a garage remodel, and it is not our cars. The better Heating & Air Conditioning and clean garage is for Steve. I have realized that Steve wants to make the garage his guy cave! He has mentioned a dart board and he already has a cooler full of beer in there, but my hubby wants a hang out he can stay in all year comfortably. The radiant flooring system will make it hot enough for him in the winter time. The radiant floors would even keep it warm enough to play darts. The warm summers would be comfortable with the new AC system so he would be able to stay indoors and be extremely comfy. I am not in favor of the remodel for him to have a guy cave. It already is next to impossible to get him to work on any projects that we really need in the house. With the garage as his new sanctuary, he would never help me again. The guy cave with HVAC is going to be a no.

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