Working on back tucks is toning my body

My goal is to accomplish a standing back tuck before I have children.

Once I get pregnant, I will probably not be able to achieve it.

My body will change and my workouts won’t be as long or regular. My plan is to be able to perform this gymnastic trick perfectly, video myself doing it and share it with my friends. I need perfect technique to accomplish a back tuck. I have access to folding mats to cushion my landing. Currently, I fold up a mat to create a block that I stand on. I have the additional height as I tuck off the block and land on another mat. I force myself to do at least 10 standing back tucks off the block each day. On a productive day I will manage around 20 of them. I make sure to complete at least one tuck two minutes. A forty minute workout isn’t enough to build the right muscles and stamina. I also make certain to stretch and I work on other gymnastic elements for the remaining time. Needless to say, I am getting in extremely good shape. I wasn’t aware of all the muscles a tuck works until I started performing them regularly. Who would have believed that back tucks tighten up abdominal muscles? My legs tucking into my belly target those muscles. My legs and butt are hard as rocks because they work hard to propel me airborne. Strangely enough, even my arms have become stronger. I swing and reach the arms up to achieve vertical height before I tuck. Even when I no longer want to achieve a back tuck, I will continue including tuck jumps in my workouts.


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