Worked on making my buddy feel better

When she asked if it was what she thought it was, I just shook my head yes.

When I learned that my good buddy just got dumped, I felt really bad. I decided to make her some brownies and cookies to make her feel better. When I got to her house and rang the doorbell, she took a long while to answer the door. When she finally did get to the door and opened it, a whole gush of frosty air came at me. I realized that she was blasting the A/C because it was ice-cold in her place. She let me in and I could see that she was a total mess. It was clear that she had been crying for hours, and she could hardly even talk to me. I told her that I brought her some brownies and some cookies. The thing is, I didn’t tell her what kind of brownies in cookies they were. I actually added a bit of cannabis to the mix and thought perhaps that would put her in a better mood. After a few hours, those cannabis edibles kicked in and my friend actually started smiling and laughing. She looked at me with a smile on her face and asked what I put in those snacks. When she asked if it was what she thought it was, I just shook my head yes. She wasn’t mad or anything, and she was finally able to get a break from crying. I knew that she cranked the A/C for a long time because she was stressed, she always blasts the A/C when she feels bad. Finally she adjusted the temperature control settings on her smartphone (she has a smart thermostat). I knew she was finally feeling better after she did that.


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