Wireless thermostat not able to be used

My mother is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and she puts a lot of thought into every gift she has every given us.  She put a lot of extra thought she put into the house warming gift she got me. She couldn’t wait for me to open the package.  She was already launching into an explanation of what all my new Smart Thermostat could do, even before I had fully opened the package and seen that it was a Smart Thermostat.  She told me how it would help to monitor the house when I wasn’t home. She told me that I could have the house perfectly heated or air conditioned, before I had got off the plane, and back into my house.  She just had everything thought out so that I would be more comfortable. I liked the idea of what all the Smart Thermostat could do. I liked the fact that it would be able to tell me if there was a problem with the HVAC, even if I wasn’t home.  I gave my mother a big hug, thanked her, and kissed her cheek. As she was leaving, I laid the Smart Thermostat into a drawer and walked away. I couldn’t be rude and tell her that I didn’t want the Smart Thermostat, but I really had no need for it.  I didn’t have WiFi in my home, and without WiFi, my Smart Thermostat wouldn’t work. I may just put it up on the wall, and someday, when I get WiFi, I will have it connected to the HVAC system.