winter preparations when you live somewhere cold

Every year as cold fall are starts to roll through my area, I think about what an easy transition we have into the winter. It seems like you can kick back and let the seasonal change happen without taking much responsibility upon yourself in these parts. You don’t have nearly as many things to worry about and the pending winter season doesn’t feel like a looming disaster the same way that it does in other areas of the country. Personally, I love it. I don’t enjoy winter nor the difficult to days preparing your home for the brutal cold coming your direction. I think back on all of the extra tasks we had to remember to do as fall transitioned into the colder winter season. First of all, you had to make sure your car was in working condition. The on-board heater needed to be pouring out hot air or else your windshield would completely freeze up as you were driving. At home, you needed to re-insulate most of your house. The attic usually required some extra insulation to be placed down, the doors needed new caulking to keep out cold drafts, and the windows had to be covered with a tightly wrapped sheet of plastic to help insulate the cold. Besides all that, you had to worry about having your central heating system professionally serviced long before the first cold day. You definitely didn’t want to find yourself in a pinch and turn on the forced air furnace before having it professionally inspected. You definitely don’t want to pay for an emergency HVAC repair service by neglecting the furnace, either. Thank God I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.


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