Winter brings the realization that I need a new HVAC system.

I told him I wanted a new hVAC system, but when it was installed, he put in Zone Control

I live in the far north where the summers are mild and winters can kill you. The temperatures can drop well below zero and we get feet of snow in one shot. The summer is so mild that you keep a window air conditioner for those times when it may get above eighty degrees, which isn’t very often. This window, I realized just how brutally cold it was, when my furnace wasn’t working properly. I had the furnace turned on and the thermostat was pegged, but I wasn’t getting any heat. I checked to see if I had windows or doors open and I even checked for drafts coming from around a window or door. I couldn’t find any reason for why my heating isn’t working properly, except that I may need a new furnace. I wasn’t happy when I had this thought. I talked to a neighbor of mine who works with heating and air conditioning and he told me that I may just need Zone Control installed. I was tired of hearing him talk about Zone Control and I told him so. He told me I may not need a new furnace, but Zone Control could cure the problem I was having. All of the heating was staying in the basement and not coming up to the rest of the house. The air was cooling before it could get above the basement. I told him I wanted a new hVAC system, but when it was installed, he put in Zone Control. I like knowing I can turn off the heating in one room and not the other. I was angry when he installed the Zone Control, but now I’m glad he did.



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