Window tinting for privacy

That is why I am leaning more towards a tint.

I have been looking into different window movies for our home; My apartment has a ton of big, beautiful windows that face the road. I like the look of it so much. It makes the site look airy, open and grand. However, the issue is that anyone driving down the road can look in and see, but you can see myself and others cooking in our dining room, our spouse enjoying TV in the living room and the youngsters playing in the house. I easily don’t want people seeing us during those moments. I also don’t want to encourage robbers to come break into our house. The windows leave no doubt that the apartment is empty or filled. I found that a window movie/tinting supplier can do a lot of things to conceal our home. There are sunshine control window movies that protect the apartment against UV rays. Typically the movie isn’t all that dark though. There are window movies that look like frosted glass, rain drops or have a slight pattern. I easily want to be able to see out of all our windows though. That is why I am leaning more towards a tint. You can make the windows a certain color from the outside however be able to see them while you are inside. I am looking at a slightly grey/black tint to conceal our family from people driving by and robbers, surprisingly the cost is quite low and the reward is quite high. It is worth it to myself and others in the end.

Sun Control Window Film Maintenance