Window air conditioners are not worth it in the long run

I understand why people like buying window air conditioners for their house.

If you don’t have any air conditioner at all, window air conditioners are a good way to introduce a/c into your home.

Window air conditioners are legitimately affordable, and they are legitimately easy to install. In only a few hours, you could have a couple of air conditioners in your condo to make you feel cool. However, in the long run, window air conditioners are not worth the money for various reasons. First of all, if you need more than a single window air conditioner, then you are not saving money by purchasing them. When you factor in the cost of various air conditioners, it would be cheaper to purchase a central air conditioner than to purchase a couple of window air conditioners. Also, window air conditioners cost more money to use in utilities than the more regular forms of a/c costs, then you will waste money in the long run with window air conditioners. Also, you can’t just pay an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to repair your window air conditioners. You will have to buy a replacement, however standard air conditioners are more of an investment for the future. If you are worried about the cost and installation of a central air conditioner, you could always purchase a ductless mini-split air conditioner. They have the best of both worlds, and they even can be used as a space heater! Even though I understand why someone would want a window air conditioner, trust my advice and avoid them like the plague. They aren’t worth it.

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