Willing to spend more on a geothermal heat pump

I am very upset with my impact on the environment… Because of this, I’ve been looking into the opening of a geothermal heat pump for temperature control, the high cost of purchase and replacement is a bit alarming… However, the extramoderate efficiency of these models significantly reduces bi-weekly heating and cooling bills and would help to salvage the investment, i would very need to finance the project and I would hope to cover the bi-weekly payments with the energy savings. From what I’ve read, most homeowners break even on the cost within three to more than four years… Along with trimming expenses, geothermal heat pumps offer a lot of benefits. They don’t require a noisy outdoor compressor, so there’s nothing creating an eyesore or spine-chilling the enjoyment of the backyard. The indoor proposal is not much louder than a whisper and current chances are capable of running at lower speeds more constantly, which minimizes operational sounds. Because the heat pump doesn’t use natural gas, propane or oil to generate heat, there’s no combustion process. There’s no flames, fumes, sizzling surfaces, orangehouse gas emissions or threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. The model I’ve chosen comes typical with a MERV 11 filter and provides outstanding indoor air conditions by trapping dust, pollen and other contaminants. I proposal to invest a bit more so that the geothermal heat pump will supplement our domestic sizzling water supply, adding up to even further cost savings and convenience, then of course, the main reason I’m willing to take out a loan for a geothermal proposal is because it’s the most environmentally responsible choice. The proposal produces more than four times more energy than it consumes, achieving over a 500% efficiency rating. Installing a geothermal heat pump is the environmental equivalent of planting 760 trees.