Wife wants fireplace removed since it is dangerous for the baby

My wife is just about to give birth and she is freaking out.

Not about the birth, she is worried about our home being ready for the new baby.

She has already baby proofed the house even though our child will not actually be crawling around. She has the crib, car seat and thousands of diapers. The newest thing she is on is getting rid of our existing heating equipment. We currently have a gas fireplace as a heating system. The fireplace has a plate of glass over a faux fire. It looks surprisingly classy and gives off great heating. The problem is that the glass gets really hot and you can’t touch it without severe burns. My wife and I both know this and avoid it. My wife is worried that the baby will begin crawling and starting to walk and accidentally touch the glass. She is freaking out about the baby getting burned on the fireplace. She wants it removed and for us to have heated flooring installed instead. The heater would be safe under the floors. It would be nice for the baby to have heat under him while he crawls too. Heated flooring is significantly better than a fireplace. But, the heated floor system will cost quite a bit of money and be a rough heater installation due to the floorboards being ripped up. My wife has about 1 week to go before the baby comes. I am not buying and installing a new heater in a week. Our fireplace works just fine too.