Why you should trust your HVAC technician

We’ve all been in this situation before: you take your car to one of those “5 minute oil change” places around town, hoping to quickly get your car’s oil rotated and be on your way. While you’re in the waiting area as your car sits in idle, the mechanics working at the facility come to you and tell you one hundred different problems with your car. It needs oil, it needs washer fluid, it needs new wheels – it never ends! Many of us will just take their comments with a grain of sand, but not all service professionals are saying stuff like this to get you to spend more money. I can say for sure that my heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician never gives me any grief, and will give it to me straight if there’s an urgent thing to tend to regarding my HVAC system. Just a few weeks ago, we had this bizarre cold snap in the region. Since I thought that the cold weather was behind us prior to this time, I already had my portable space heaters packaged up, and my weak heating system was all that remained active to warn me. The only problem is, my heating system was a thirty year-old boiler in the basement! When I told my regular HVAC service technician about the issues I was dealing with regarding the heating system, he told me I should consider having my boiler system replaced. I was hesitant at first, but then he explained that boilers last about twenty-five years on average, so it was due time to get a new one. I admire him, because he gave it to me straight and didn’t beat around the bush. I can respect a man that can be candid with me!

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