Why you should camp with an RV and not a tent

When I was a kid, I always camped in a tent.

Tent camping was the way to camp, and I didn’t respect any other way of camping.

If we ever saw a huge RV or camper pull up next to our camping spot, we would automatically judge. Camping in one of those things was not really camping. There was too much luxury with that. How could you call it camping when you had electricity, television, radio, air conditioning, and your own bathrooms? Who cares if tents weren’t comfortable during the day and felt like a furnace? They were rugged and real. However, when I got older, somebody offered me a great deal on an RV, and I decided to purchase it. Let me tell you now that RV camping is amazing, and most of the reason is that they have air conditioners. Have you ever realized how uncomfortable tents are because of their furnace-like qualities? You are forced to march around outside all day because you have nowhere to cool off. But with an RV and an air conditioner, you always have a place to rest. The air conditioner makes things so much nicer. You can take a nap in the middle of the day with the thermostat set low so that you remain cool during the entire nap. With the air conditioner, you never have to worry about humidity or dehydration. It is literally magical. The next time that somebody tells you that RV camping is real camping, remind them that you have an air conditioner and the ability to stand up.


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