Why you should call a cooling tech before the summer starts

This summer is going to be one of the hottest summers ever recorded. I think it’s important that you call your HVAC technician now to make sure that you get a preventative maintenance check up for your cooling system. One of the worst things is to be without AC when it’s hot. It’s different if you are without heating in winter because many people can turn on their fireplace or just get a bunch of blankets. When it’s hot and you need AC, there is nothing worse than having a broken AC unit. Last year I made the mistake of not calling my HVAC technician in time, I waited until my air conditioner broke down before I decided to call the HVAC company. Not only did this mistake leave me without a working AC unit for about a month, but it costed me double my usual HVAC repair costs. When it’s the middle of the season everybody needs to have their HVAC units repaired, this allows the HVAC company to charge premium rates and that hurts your pocket. I know it might not be natural for you to call the HVAC technician before there is a problem, but it is really a practice I recommend. It also might seem like it’s costing a lot of money to maintain your HVAC system, but trust me it will be much more if you wait for your AC unit to break down. There is always the chance there will be no problem with your AC unit, but in the 10 years I can’t remember a year when I didn’t have to give my HVAC technician a call.

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