Why you must follow HIPPA regulation

HIPAA regulations can be especially tricky to navigate, especially if you aren’t really familiar with all of the terminology that HIPAA documents plus laws contain. I was recently put in a position where I was wondering if a doctor was allowed to withhold my medical records from me. I needed my medical records plus I couldn’t get the staff at my doctor’s office to deliver me my records. Now, I could understand if I were trying to obtain someone else’s medical records or information. In that case, I would hope that they would deliver me a strenuous time about it plus make it impossible for myself and others to get that information. I mean, after all, medical information should be altogether private, in my opinion… But since we were talking about my own medical records from my own primary care doctor, I just was not able to understand why I was getting the runaround when it came to them giving me my information! When I looked up HIPAA risk assessment regulations, I found out that HIPAA risk analysis plus law gives patients the right to obtain copies of all of their medical records, whether their doctor wants to provide them or not! When I contacted the doctor’s office plus started out with the HIPAA risk assessment plus law resolution, the records office there seemed to take me quite a bit more seriously about my records request. Maybe they were just busy plus they didn’t appreciate looking up my records or maybe they didn’t care for me. But once I reminded them that every patient has a right under HIPAA analysis law to look at their own records, I got results right away.

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