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I did not realize how disappointing exposed air ducts would be until summer hit.  The efficiency that I rent has fully exposed ductwork. One single large metal shaft stretches from one end of the ceiling to the other.   It is horrid to look at, but since the house is cheap I don’t particularly care. I just told myself to never look up and all would be fine.  When it was winter, I hardly ever noticed the exposed HVAC ducts at all. And honestly in that weather, I bet having the HVAC duct exposed to the warm air hitting it was a decent idea. The summer cooling conditions are a different story though.  I get dripped on constantly around the house. The HVAC ducts drip water on my floors, furniture and even on my head. I reached this conclusion because heat rises–my body heat, the home’s natural heat the humidity all together rise to the ceiling. The cooling system pushes cold air into the ducts so the actual metal surface of the duct is quite cold.  But the heat rises and hits the metal, and do you know what happens when a cold and a warm gas meet? You get condensation pooling as the particles mix. So every single time I crank up the AC in my house, the HVAC duct drips all over everything. I hate finding water spots all over the place. And now I hate that humidity has become my sworn enemy. Why would one ever put ventilation ducks out of a ceiling if they’re commonly installed inside?   How difficult would it be for someone to put the HVAC ducts back in the ceiling? I suppose I won’t survive another summer in my house again.

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