Why is it so cold in here?

I have had the special privilege of having the same best friend since I was a few years old, and molly as well as I have been friends for over twenty five years now, as well as the people I was with and I suppose each other so well! I think that I know her better than I know almost anyone else, and we moved to strange states a couple of years ago, as well as it has been the hardest thing to deal with.

  • We call each other every single day, but it is not the same as hanging out together almost every other day.

We have made it our number one goal to see each other in woman at least once a week. We usually take turns driving to each other’s houses. I just got back for the most great visit with her last week. We had such a very lovely time, one thing that I noticed is how chilly she keeps her house. It is extremely warm at the moment, although she keeps her up-to-date home particularly cool. I felt extremely chilly for a few nights, and because of this I went as well as checked what the control component was set at. It was set at sixty degrees, as well as it was about fifty-eight in the up-to-date home at that point in time. I asked Molly if she meant to have the control component set that low, as well as she said that she consistently keeps it at fifty-five or sixty. I am so happy and excited that I bought a couple hoodies as well as some extra blankets because I am not used to being so cold, especially at night, but she gave myself and others a heated blanket and some warm socks, so I survived, despite the fact that I still cannot know that anyone would like it to be so cold. Molly never used to like that. I think that age has changed her.

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