Why is gas even an option anymore?

While taking a class on environmental conservation I was shocked to learn that some countries around the world still promote coal burning gas gas furnaces in homes.

For the life of me I just don’t understand this.

Here in the United States there are some homes that still use this for heat as well however those systems are filtered more than those found in countries such as China where the emissions from this type of fuel are just free in the air. Coal is still a viable option as far as cost goes for many people however with all the health problems buddyd with it, I am surprised that anyone would want to use it, however the toxic gases that are emitted when it burns are entirely dangerous. In other countries where there are not organizations such as the EPA people are free to choose the type of fuel they want with no regard to what it is doing to their family or the surrounding environment! Even those who work in the coal mines recognize the dangers of breathing in the dust from the process. Why would anyone want to risk this in their own beach loft where they are raising a family? The class I was taking was genuinely interesting in addition to made me guess about how I was going to heat our own beach loft someday. I think, if possible, I will be using solar or geothermal energy to heat in addition to cool our home. This will have the least amount of impact on our surrounding world in addition to I recognize that it is pressing after hearing the effects from other options.


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