Why I love the radiant heater

I enjoy being able to replace things in my life with simpler, more efficient products! There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a better way of doing something, that is also easier to take care of. For example, I’ve always wanted an electric vehicle, then not only are they better for the environment, but they also require far less work as there is no oil or transmission fluids too keep up with. then in this same vein, I cannot wait to have enough cash in the bank to afford a radiant heating system for my home! Radiant heating is another term for heated floors. Standard radiant heating uses electric wires that carry through the floor that create a heating pad, warming the surface of the floor which then heats the house. This can also be done with hydronic heating through the use of heated water which is pumped under the flooring through a series of tiny tubes. Unlike typical types of main heaters, a radiant gas system does not require any type of air duct ventilation. This means you never have to worry about scheduling an air duct cleaning or sealing ever in my life! You don’t even have to stress about air filters anymore! Not only is that one less thing for me to lose sleep about, but it’s one less thing to spend cash on. Not only are radiant floors easier to take care of, they’re also more effective at heating your place. It may seem hard to believe, but heated floors evenly warm up a room, so there’s never any chilly spots with no ducts separating your room from your heated oil furnace. there’s nowhere to lose heat along the way.

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