Why does he crank the a/c so much?

My boyfriend that I just started going with I met online, and it was on a dating website. My other friends are worried for me because of all the horror stories you hear about online dating sites. Both of us have been seeing each other for a while now in addition to I unquestionably do really like him a lot and think a whole bunch of nice things about him, and however, I still haven’t’ let him come over to my lake house in the woods in addition to I haven’t been to his house that he always talks to me about. I suppose it is time to go over to his place so I can see what it is like and see how he lives. He told me he would make me breakfast at his lake house later this month in addition to I agreed to go over one morning, when I walked in the door the first thing I noticed was how washing and sparkling clean it was. I was unquestionably cheerful and over the sky to see that he cared about what his place looked like when I came over. However, 1 thing did stand out to me and not in a great way. It was how frigid and freezing cold it was when I walked in. I was blissfully lucky as ever as you can imagine that I brought a jacket because he had the air conditioner blasting. It was frigid freezing in addition to I suppose he noticed me shivering a whole ton! Thankfully, he turned up the temperature on the thermostat right away that sat on a wall in the hallway of his home. I unquestionably hope that he doesn’t constantly have the air conditioner blasting like that!

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