Why do we not have air conditioning

Even though my sister lives in a southern region of the United States, which most people think is hot year-round, the temperatures drop significantly in the winter months, and it can get pretty chilly. It’s not cold enough to snow, but it’s still uncomfortable without a good heater. She recently moved into a beautiful old house with hardwood floors throughout. She planned on doing some DIY and remodeling the house in hopes of being able to turn around and sell it for a profit. She absolutely loves the hardwood floors because they bring a certain character and charm to the house, but in certain areas, they are just too cold for her. She had the old furnace removed and a brand, new HVAC unit installed before she even moved in, which really warms the old house up, but she just can’t stand the cold, wood floors. She contacted a heating and cooling technician who suggested installing heated floors. My sister didn’t want to rip up the hardwoods, so she got more information about just installing heaters under the tiled bathroom floors. The heater installation didn’t seem like it would be too much additional work considering she wanted to replace the bathroom tiles anyway. Heated floors would be a nice touch that she hoped would convince someone to buy the renovated house. She loved the way the warm floors felt on her bare feet, although she typically wore socks even with the new heating system running full-blast. But there definitely was something about walking on those heated floors. And in the summer months, the tiles stayed perfectly cool to the touch with the AC running.

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