Why do bad things always happen to me

It seems like everyday is a winding road for me.

There are days when everything seems alright, and there are days when everything seems to go wrong. It wasn’t too long ago when I had my HVAC system tuned up, but then when we got into the summer, my cooling system broke down. I didn’t understand how my cooling system could just break down like that when I had the HVAC worked on prior to the summer months. The HVAC technician was saying that my HVAC system was pretty old, so things could easily go wrong like that. I wasn’t sure if I was buying it, and I just said to the HVAC worker, “Whatever you say.” He did his thing and the cooling system was working fine again and that put me back into an okay mood. I decided to invite some friends over but made sure to tell them to bring some drinks. I have to admit, we got a little carried away and were playing our music a little too loud. Eventually, the police came to the door and were saying that there was a complaint about the noise. I apologized to the police officers and turned the music down right away. It’s like I can never really win and enjoy myself for very long because there’s always something around the corner to dampen my spirits. After that little hiccup, I said to my buddies, “At least the A/C is working great!” Everybody cheered and then the A/C broke down about ten minutes later. That’s when everybody decided it was time to go home. I knew that I had to call the HVAC company back, but I wanted to throw the thermostat out of the window because I was so frustrated with these bad things happening to me.



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