Why did they leave

After my wife and I agreed to install a new AC unit, the company told us that the installation would take most of the day. My wife and I didn’t plan anything for Saturday, when the AC unit was installed. Two AC repair technicians arrived to our home at 9 in the morning. A few minutes later, another AC repair technician arrived in a box truck. All three technicians unloaded pieces of equipment from the box truck and placed those pieces in the garage. The third AC repair technician left in the box truck, and we never saw him again. The remaining technicians started tearing apart our AC unit. They removed the air handler and the motor, and all that was left was an empty shell. The new AC unit was too big to fit in the spot, and the technicians needed to perform some light construction. They finished preparing the space around lunch, and they decided to leave for an hour. I wasn’t surprised that the technicians left for lunch, and I expected to see them and an hour. When two hours past and we didn’t see the AC technicians, I decided to contact the AC installation company. I was explaining the situation to the company owner, when the two AC technicians came Meandering through the back door. They look drunk and they were talking very loudly. One of them smelled like beer, and the other one smelled like marijuana. I was very upset, and I was still on the phone with the owner of the company. The owner drove to my house immediately, and fired the two employees on the spot. He finished our installation with the help of another technician.