Why are you so worried?

Recently, I graduated from school with a bachelor’s in Finance. That is just a expensive way of saying I have knack to handle most people else’s numbers but mine own, but finding a nice paying task in our field was difficult, no 1 honestly wants to take a risk on someone so young and inexperienced. Even though I had the degree, most most people wants someone with the experience plus the degree. I finally decided I needed to find an entry level task with the choice to task our way up. So I found that. Now I am honestly working in an office building. The venue is cold. The cool air frosts the windows, as it keeps out the summertime heat. The a/c is consistently a muffled roar as it runs all afternoon. We employees freeze. I wear cardigans to work, in November. If I decided to wear a skirt that afternoon, close toed shoes are a must. I drink hot tea, when ordinarily I would run far away from anything hot, my body shakes from the chill. There is a vent right over our desk; I can know cold air down our neck most of the afternoon. It is a regular office in that regard. Everywhere I look, there are either jackets on the back of chairs, or even blankets. Indeed, 1 employee has a few afghans. The other building at the campus I task at is even colder. I had our training in there and I froze all afternoon long. But I am grateful that there was even a/c to begin with. Life would be awful separate from it.

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