Why air filters are important for your HVAC system

Air filters are no joke, they really can change your whole house. I thought that was a silly statement when my HVAC technician first said it, and I figured he was just trying to get a little bit of money out of me. Now I understand that it wasn’t a silly joke, and it is very important to take care of your HVAC system. I had my HVAC technician do a tune up, because ever since I moved into the house I’m at now my AC unit was very subpar. It was the spring when I moved in so I didn’t really need any AC, but now I am dying! The HVAC technician came back to me and said he removed some debris from the AC unit and then showed me the old air filter. The air filter was disgusting and I couldn’t believe the air I was breathing from the air conditioner was going through that! He explained that just by changing the air filter in my AC unit I would notice a huge difference. The HVAC technician was very kind and knew that I didn’t have much money so he didn’t try to sell me on new AC unit installation, instead he just educated me. He showed me how to find out which air filters are best for my furnace and other heating and cooling needs and then where to order them. Now I have brand new air filters in my AC unit and I have noticed a huge difference in my homes air quality.

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