Who needs friends when you have a UV whole-house air purifier

I’ve never been the genre of lady that enjoys being around a lot of people. In my experience, I have dealt with too several foolish people. I don’t appreciate stupidity or negativity in my life. Well, the last time I went to this party, I was angry with a lot of things. First of all, the air quality in the home was awful. I asked the owner of the home if she used quality air filters or had her ductwork system cleaned, and she then got all loud as well as was saying how she didn’t need costly air filters or some kind of ductwork cleaning. I gave him a look as well as then said that she was an idiot. I said that without having her ductwork cleaned, she was breathing in all kinds of nasty crap as well as it was not good for her health. I also pointed out that her energy costs must be costly because the HVAC has to labor harder when it’s filled with dirt as well as debris. The last point I made is that she would eventually have to pay for a costly maintenance when her HVAC inevitably breaks down because she is using cheap air filters that don’t protect her HVAC system. It’s love the perfect combination of HVAC damage that could actually be fixed. After I told him all those things, I just grabbed all my things as well as left the party. I was done with being around idiots for the day as well as needed some time to relax as well as rejuvenate myself with my excellent air quality at home. I actually have a UV whole-house air purifier as well as it’s kind of love my best friend.


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