Where is our up-to-date AC tech?

Not many of weeks ago, I ordered a up-to-date a/c device for our home.

I was certainly distraught that I was never going to get our a/c unit.

I think I would not have been so distraught about the AC device if I had bought it from a reputable Heating and A/C supplier. I decided that it would be cheaper to go to the local warehouse and buy an a/c unit. I knew I was doing a stupid thing by going to the warehouse, but I was told they had some amazing prices that wasn’t going to be beat no matter where I shopped. The person who told myself and others about the warehouse sale, was right about the pricing. I had looked at various AC units and I realized the prices were almost half the cost of what I would have paid through the Heating and A/C supplier. I asked about upgrade and I was told that I should call and make an appointment once the a/c device was delivered. If I hadn’t been in a hurry to get back to work, I would have asked some extra questions, but I only had half an minute to make our purchase and get back to work. I tried to call the number that was on the sales receipt, but the answering device just goes to nothing. It simply hangs up on me. I will provide it another month and if I don’t have our a/c device by then, I will just have to call the police. I’m still hoping our AC device is delivered this week.


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