Where I spend my time

Not too long ago my family and I took a two-week family vacation. We stayed in a beautiful hotel near the ocean. Every day, the temperature soared to the mid-eighties, with bright sunshine and blue skies. In the evening, the temperature stayed quite warm, but there was always a helpful breeze blowing. Most often, I could not sleep without the pleasant air coming through the balcony doors. We almost never made use of the air conditioner. I would wake up every morning, feeling refreshed along with energized. Now that we came home, the outside temperature is in the high seventies. The skies are overcast and there isn’t even a breeze. The humidity here is so bad that I sweat standing still. I am unable to get by without running this air conditioner, at all times, almost all the time. I usually wake up during the night, covered in sweat. Every morning, I find it difficult to get myself out of bed. I now have no energy, and am usually tired. Despite keeping the house nice and cool, my air conditioner can’t keep my house comfortable enough. My house is usually humid and sticky, and I never feel evenly remotely comfortable. Stepping outside is far too hot, and I spend nearly all of my time in my pool. I know that I need to buy a dehumidifier in order to keep moisture levels inside my home comfortable. Since I recently bought a humidifier to add moisture during the colder months, I am reluctant to buy one more air quality accessory. The weather within my area is a constant struggle. Because of the freezing frosty winters and overly humid summer season, I spend a large sum of money looking to maintain a comfortable house temperature.

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