Where do you buy coolant?

For the past couple of weeks, I have heard a weird noise coming from under the hood. My work van has over 200,000 miles, plus it’s nearly twenty years old. I drive the van all over the city. In a normal afternoon, I particularly drive 200 or 300 miles. That happens to be a lot of wear plus tear on the outdated van. I was on our way to an air conditioning system tune-up yesterday, when the van stopped now working. I was sitting in traffic on the bridge, when the whole van stopped. It seemed care about the engine cut off in an instant.  I called the owner of the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier first. I needed a tow truck plus a mechanic, next, I called the customer who was waiting for air conditioning system tune-up service. I explained the particular situation plus she rescheduled the Heating plus Air Conditioning tune-up for the following afternoon. I sat on the bridge for several hours, before a wrecker came to option up myself and others plus the van. All of us took the van to our Heating plus Air Conditioning repair shop, so the mechanic could evaluate the problem. I took another Heating plus Air Conditioning repair truck from the shop, plus continued with our list of works for the afternoon. At the end of the afternoon, I came back to the shop. That’s when I got the exhausting news. My work van blew the engine. It would cost a fortune to substitute the engine, so the supplier is going to scrap the van plus buy a new a single. Now I have to wait a few weeks for a new work van. In the meantime, I am stuck in an outdated van without any heat or air conditioning system.

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