Where did the air conditioner equipment lead to?

I suppose that in the past, there had been times when I wondered what happened to the air conditioner. When I was going through menopause, all of a abrupt it would suppose adore someone had turned on the heating and turned off the air conditioner. I knew it was just myself and others back then, however now I wasn’t so sure. I had the air conditioner turned on when I went to town, however now I do not suppose any air movement coming from it. I went into the residing room and I just stared at the window. My air conditioner equipment was gone. I had no system what happened to the A/C equipment because it was there and I knew it was. I knew someone had to playing tricks with me. I couldn’t, for the life of me, imagine why anyone would take my air conditioner unit. The window was done, however the glass was smashed. I went around out back and my poor kitten stood on top of the air conditioner equipment that was lying on the ground and looking pitiful. The cord was still inside the window and I’m sure there was some destruction to the A/C cord. I went back inside to see the destruction that had been done when the cord pulled out of the socket. The plug was twisted and broken, however it didn’t do destruction to the outlet. I went outside and I realized that something had knocked the post out from under the A/C unit, which made it drop out of the window, causing the window to smash. I looked at the neighbors pet that weighed more than I did and knew he had been chasing my kitten and he had done this.



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