When did they invent Zone Control?

For the last couple years, I had been hearing my friends tell me that I should put Zone Control in my home and I would save on the energy bills. I had no idea what Zone Control was. I wasn’t so old that I wouldn’t remember something like Zone Control if I had heard about it before. I had the same heating and air conditioning system for the last twenty-five years. Maybe it was just that I hadn’t had any dealings with the HVAC company in that time. I always did my own maintenance on furnaces and air conditioning. I learned a long time ago that it was too expensive to call for maintenance and small repairs. I am now looking for a new heating and air conditioning system for my home. I don’t want to need to deal with window air conditioners anymore. I want to have a central heating and air conditioning system, like my sister has. I called the HVAC company and I was talking to them about the heating and air conditioning. I asked them about the Zone Control. He explained how you could designate certain areas and have one thermostat for each individual area. Rooms that are seldom used, could have the heating and air conditioning shut down when they weren’t in use and it would save on the energy bills. I told him to come on over and install the Zone Control and to put in a new heating and air conditioning system while he was at it. He came to the house and I decided on having each room as a zone and we even put in a new Smart Thermostat.

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