When did it get so hot and humid?

The two of us try to visit our sister, at least once a year. She moved about 800 miles away from our family, plus moved to a region where no one else lives. Our sister decided to take up residence in the South, where the heat plus humidity are terribly awful. The two of us took a long trip last month, to visit our sister as well as see her brand new Cottage. The two of us were easily surprised, when our sister explained that the air conditioner component in her Cottage was voice activated. It wasn’t so much that the air conditioner, but it was actually smart thermostat. The two of us easily Watchtower sister, as she spoke into the application on her phone. She told the air conditioner to change the temperature of the house from 72°, to 70°. Sure enough, a moment later, the air conditioner kicked on + started blowing cold air into the cottage. It was easily one of the cooler things that the two of us had seen. The two of us spent an entire week hanging out with our little sister, but the two of us were certainly ready to get back to our place by the end of the week. Even though it was only March, the outdoor temperatures were well into the 80s. It was hot + humid, plus the two of us could barely manage to think during the day. The humidity was relentless, plus I felt like a warm blanket wrapped around you. It was disgusting weather for the two of us to endure.

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