What to do when your gas furnace won't turn on

This Winter time I predict that it’s going to be frigid, however then again I live up north so I am usually right about that.

I have a undoubtedly small apartment by the lake, which is good in the summer.

I don’t ever have to turn the AC on because I can just go swimming. Even on the hottest days there is no need for the a/c. The Winter time is a odd story, our Heating and Air Conditioning system is our best buddy in the winter. In the Winter time I turn the oil gas furnace up as high as it can go. I have a gas furnace too, although I don’t like to overwork it because it went down one year. I was so cold the year our gas furnace went down because it took weeks for the Heating and Air Conditioning worker to get to me. I live in a small town with only one Heating and Air Conditioning supplier… As you can imagine, several people wait until the last second to take care of their Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I never knew that I should call our Heating and Air Conditioning worker when the seasons change, although I know that now. I l received to live without our gas furnace for a few weeks, and I recognize it was a superb lesson. If your gas furnace ever goes out during the Winter time I have some tips for you. The first thing you should do is get a small oil heater. It’s not too fancy to get a little oil heater, and if you have a small apartment it will be a superb gas furnace upgrade for a little while. If you have a large apartment the possibilities are high that you have a fireplace, you should learn to use it. I know several people that have a fireplace, however have never used it!

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