What to do when your furnace shuts down in the winter

This winter I predict that it’s going to be freezing, but then again I live up north so I am usually right about that.

  • I have a very small house by the lake, which is great in the summer.

I don’t ever have to turn the AC on because I can just go swimming. Even on the hottest days there is no need for the air conditioner. The winter is a different story, my HVAC system is my best friend in the winter. In the winter I turn the oil heater up as high as it can go. I have a furnace too, but I don’t like to overwork it because it went down one year. I was so cold the year my furnace went down because it took weeks for the HVAC technician to get to me. I live in a small town with only one HVAC company. As you can imagine, many people wait until the last minute to take care of their HVAC systems. I never knew that I should call my HVAC technician when the seasons change, but I know that now. I learned to live without my furnace for a few weeks, and I think it was a good lesson. If your furnace ever goes out during the winter I have some tips for you. The first thing you should do is get a small oil heater. It’s not too expensive to get a little oil heater, and if you have a small house it will be a good furnace substitute for a little while. If you have a large house the chances are high that you have a fireplace, you should learn to use it. I know many people that have a fireplace, but have never used it!

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