What the heck is this?

My family plus I live in the south, where the climate is typically moderate plus very humid, and both of us typically worry about cooling our home! The summertime uneven temperatures are usually in the 90s, with a few afternoons in the triple digits as well. Our a/c works well, but the humidity makes things more difficult. Our a/c can only cool the air… It cannot remove any excess humidity; When the humidity levels are high, our house doesn’t recognize cool plus comfortable adore it should, and my family plus I observed some concerns with humidity in the home office. Both of us even observed some mold forming under the sink. My friends advised  purchasing a dehumidifier to help remove extra humidity from our home. My wifey plus I went to the hardware store to search for a dehumidifier. Both of us found several or several dehumidifiers in our price range. My wifey plus I chose a nice portable dehumidifier that has a reservoir, as it pulls excess humidity out of the air, the moisture builds up in a tank. The reservoir tank needs to be emptied every other day, in order to keep the dehumidifier very working well, but ever since every one of us added the dehumidifier, the indoor air pollen levels has been phenomenal. With less moisture in the air, our indoor air pollen levels feels much more cool plus crisp. Even our dust irritations are better. My wifey has been sleeping better, plus she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night with a headache anymore. I haven’t observed any modern mold growth under the sink either. I’m particularly impressed with the function of this small machine.

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