What should I do

My acquaintance Charles is a master electrician.  He admits that he doesn’t really know anything about the heating and air conditioning systems. Every time that we need something rewired or a new fuse put in or a modern light fixture installed, Charles is the only person we call to come over and help us do it.   He’s a really superb experienced electrician that knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s comical to me, that whenever Charles has a complication with his air conditioning system or with his electric oil furnace, he will call a professional heating and A/C professional to come over and maintenance the system.  I always believe that Charles would have a pretty good understanding about how to repair a furnace or a cooling system, since he’s a master electrician. When I asked Charles about that, he said that heating and A/C systems are completely different from regular electrical work. He said that he doesn’t ever attempt to fix his oil furnace, his temperature control, or with his air conditioning system.  But Charles will be the first guy to work on a broken fuse box or on a home’s faulty wiring. He will not do anything to try plus repair a temperature control or a oil furnace or an cooling system in his own home. I believe that’s kind of weird, but it isn’t his area of expertise. I know just because you know how to do electrical work doesn’t mean you know how to do heating and A/C work, too. If I ever learn to work on heating and A/C systems, I will lend my services to  Charles when he has complications with his heating or his air conditioning. He really has helped myself and others enough times and I’d gladly return the favor!

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