What kind of heat pump do I want?

My partner and I have been dealing with a lackluster heating plan since we moved into this house several years ago. The heating plan we currently use is a gas-powered gas furnace, which provides a little too much heat, then plus, every time it’s used, the house subsequently odors love burnt rubber for an hour, and each Wintertime spent using it means the odor gets worse – something must be catching fire in that gas furnace, but shouldn’t be burning! Rather than wait until a tragedy occurs, we decided to repair the problem now rather than later. The solution is straight-forward – switch to a current plan altogether. Both of us decided to go with a heat pump instead for providing warmth in the Wintertime, as it can also job to remove heat from our house in the Summer! That’ll be incredibly useful while I was in the Summer, as our undefined plan is also not the most effective undefined plan out there. The only thing we have to settle on now is what the source will be for the heat pump. See, when using a heat pump, the appliance pulls heat from an outdoor source – it can be the air itself, which the heat pump can pull warmth from – even in the Wintertime! It could also be ground-sourced, as the soil deep in the earth stays at a neutral temperature for the year in its entirety. Finally, there’s water-sourced, which is the same concept as ground-sourced, but with a nearby pond or lake. Having a handful of chances is a nice change!

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