What kind of coolant should I buy for my AC unit?

My air conditioning unit has been as cool as I thought it should, the last couple of weeks. I considered trying to call the HVAC company but I know how much it costs to just have them come into the house. I’m thinking that all I need to do is call the HVAC company and find out what kind of coolant I need to put into my AC unit. I’m sure that if I could get the right coolant, I could figure out how to put the coolant in and then I would end up without any problem with the air conditioner. I finally went online, hoping to find some information. I couldn’t believe how many websites there were that pertained to air conditioning. There must have been thousands and every one of the websites gave some information that matched the others and yet it gave information that was completely different. I was shocked to not only find all of this information, but to not be able to remember which website was which. I ended up closing out my computer when my eyes became red and itchy from staring at the screen. I looked at my watch and realized I had wasted several precious hours while trying to find information. All I really found out was that a layman could not buy the coolant that is made to go into an air conditioning unit. I finally called the HvAC company and asked them to come out and look at my air conditioning unit. I was right and all I needed was to have my coolant refilled.



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