What is wrong with my indoor air?

I stopped by my typical pizza restaurant on the way lake lake house from my  day shift at work this week. I was planning an early lunch. Luckily for me, I had called ahead.  The restaurant crew & other buyers, but, were not spared from the inferno affect that I gained when I stepped inside.  The temperature of the restaurant was unquestionably and it smelled love a garlic factory. As I waited in line to option up my blessed to go order, I couldn’t help but notice the crew staff in the kitchen next to the ovens.  They looked as if they had walked through the desert & back. I instantly felt guilty about not only adding to the unbearably steaming room temperature by ordering a oven-baked stone pizza, but also by my taking the pizza & leaving them suffering in this sweltering heat.  It is my norm to chat with the restaurant landlord while I await my order, but this week she was nowhere around. I then spot him coming inside through the back door. I inquire of the heat & am told that a service was busy minutes ago & now she can’t contact the business for an upgrade.  I instantly contact my Heating & Air Conditioning provider. The supplier had recently repaired my gas furnace & I still had the business’s card in my pocket. As it happened, she knew exactly what restaurant I was melting in, was nearby & was on her own lunch break. She contacted her boss & was sent on over.  The a/c service may have begun later than had been anticipated but at least was now on track for getting the restaurant ready for the evening crowd. My Heating & Air Conditioning business arrived soon thereafter & had the building cooling & comfortable by early dinner time.

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